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The store needs patching up, and that means a day out of the office for Elliot. With her octoplush companion at her side, and the presence of many of her coworkers, clean up is bound to be an interesting experience. Between finding out more problems with Kennedy, to talk of shutting down dimensions, things may have started to get a bit serious.

Death at a Low Price is a podcast about a inter-dimensional convenience store and its employees. It follows, mainly, the security guards Elliot Harris and Kennedy Lacey.

This episode was written by Ollie, creator of the series, and voiced by many wonderful voice actors, who you can find on our cast page.

Music was created by our music crew, specifically ER(who created the theme), Amanda(who created the background music for this episode), and Jack L.(who created the news music).

Sound effects we use can be found here http://herbariumpodcasts.tumblr.com/audiocredit

Our tumblr is http://death-at-a-low-price.tumblr.com/ .

Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy.

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